Making fascinating decisions is what life is all about. You may wish to live better every day or have more fun, splurge on a rich pleasure or be enthusiastic about making the first of many purchases, be rewarded for acquiring something or encouraged to accomplish more, fuel your dreams or let them soar to other places. Get a credit card from a suitable bank with the help of Aefinance. All of the Beautiful Possibilities are waiting for you.

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Most banks ask you to pay a minimum of 5% of the outstanding balance or AED 100 every month, 
whichever is higher. Depending on the bank you choose.

When it comes to credit card eligibility, different banks have different restrictions. Those whose 
employer isn't mentioned may or may not be offered the card.

The credit limit on your credit card is the maximum amount you may borrow. The credit limit 
granted to you will be determined by the bank's evaluation.

Yes, you may use your credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs, but you will be charged a cash 
advance fee or a processing fee.

Foreign currency fees are charged by most banks on payments made outside of the nation. Foreign 
exchange costs may differ from one bank to the next. 

Your credit report is a picture of all of the loans and credit products you've ever sought or held with 
any UAE bank or financial institution. Lenders are required to examine your credit report when you 
apply for credit - whether it's for a credit card, an auto loan, a mortgage, or anything else - in order 
to assess your capacity to borrow and comprehend the possible risk connected with the application.

When deciding whether or not to provide credit, banks and financial institutions look at the 
healthiness of a credit report (the degree of exposure, repayment history, and so on) within their 
risk appetite parameters. A good credit record with on-time payments, a balanced amount of debt, 
sensible credit utilisation, and so on improves your chances of getting new or extra credit. 

As mandated by Federal Law, information in a client's credit report comes from all financial 
institutions with which the consumer seeks or has credit in the UAE, as well as other sources such as 
telecom firms and utilities.

The Bureau's credit reports contain information on customers' debt levels, financial responsibilities, 
credit payment history, and default payments for the previous 24 months.

There is a part called "Credit Providers" at the conclusion of your credit report where each provider 
(bank, telecommunications firm, etc.) is issued a provider number (3 digital alphanumeric 
characters) that is listed beside the Provider Description (company name). This identical provider 
number will appear beside the application or credit facility, and this is how you'll know which 
provider a certain application or facility is associated with.

If you have sought a credit facility and been denied, your application will remain on your credit 
report in the applications area. Only successful applications will appear in your credit report's Credit 
Facility section. Rejected applications cannot be completely deleted from the report since they were 
submitted, regardless of the outcome, and it depends upon the bank you choose.

The loan or card has been authorized and is now in the disbursed state. The provider bank has 
disbursed the funds. 

The loan or credit card has been sought by the consumer through an application. If an application is 
approved, it will be shown as "Disbursed." Please contact us if you continue to see an application 
listed as 'Requested' on your most recent credit report despite the fact that it has been decided 
(accepted, canceled, or denied). 

If you suspect that recent account activity changes are not appropriately represented on your credit 
report, we recommend that you:
• Make certain you're looking at the most recent credit report.
• Allow 10 working days for any recent account activity, such as payments, account status 
changes, and so on, to appear appropriately on your credit report. 

We strive to keep your credit report current, but if you feel recent changes to your account activity 
are not appropriately represented on your Credit Report, we recommend that you:
• Make certain you're looking at the most recent Credit Report.
• Allow 10 business days for any recent account activity (depending upon bank to bank), such 
as payments, account status changes, and so on, to be correctly reported on your credit