Sufficient money is required to run a profitable firm. Aside from working capital requirements, there may be times when a greater sum is required to carry out business development plans or to purchase new equipment or machinery. In such circumstances, a lack of finances should not prevent you from carrying out your goals. You may put an end to your financial problems with the aid of Aefinance.Our carefully developed self-employed UAE, Business Loan is a one-stop answer to all your funding concerns, whether you are a professional (doctor, architect, etc.) or a non-professional businessperson (entrepreneur, startup owner, current company firm owner). Whether you need to 
install new machinery in your business or introduce new equipment into your dental clinic, we can help.

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A Secured Company Loan (SBL) is a working capital exposure for businesses in the form of a Term 
Loan or a combination of Overdraft and Term Loans to satisfy their working capital and other 
business needs. 

Documents required
• Application form.
• Valid Passport and Visa copy.
• Valid Emirates ID copy.
• Original Bank Statements for 12 months.
• Audited financials for 2 years for loan amount above AED 1 Million.
• Title Deed/Oqood.
• Trade License copy.
• Memorandum of Association and Articles.

• Eligibility for a Business Loan is Determined by Several Factors
• Age Limit: The applicant should be min 21 years & max. ...
• Income: Business should be profit-making at least for the past 2 years.
• Turnover: ₹150,000 p.a. should be the minimum annual income.
• Co-applicants: In the case of a business loan, this is a choice for the applicant, not a 

Those who have made a profit in their firm over the last two years. A minimum annual income (ITR) 
of Rs. 1.5 lakhs is required for the firm. The borrower must be at least 21 years old at the time of 
application and no more than 65 years old at the time of loan maturity.

For cases up to AED 4.0 million, an Overdraft Facility of up to 40% of the total exposure can be used, 
with the remainder being a Term Loan. For cases over AED 4.0 million, an Overdraft Facility of up to 
20% of the total exposure can be used, with the remainder being a Term Loan. Though it differs from 
one bank to the next.

You must have been in business for at least two years to be eligible for the loan.

Following entities are eligible to apply for an SBL: 
• Limited Liability Company (LLC) 
• Sole Proprietor 
• Partnership 
• Free Zone Companies 
• Branches/Subsidiaries of Offshore Entities (Not belonging to a Prohibited / Restricted sector 
applicable as per Bank's policy) 

To be eligible for SBL, you must first submit the following papers for evaluation: 
Application Form & Secured SBL Application Form 
• Copy of valid Trade License 
• Last 6 months Bank Statement (Business) 
• Copy of Passport with valid Residence Visa Incorporation Documents 
• Copy of title deed Once the above documents have been submitted to a particular bank, 
your application will be evaluated.

The market's interest rates are quite competitive.

It varies from bank to bank. To get it faster and more securely, contact Aefinance.

If you buy a property in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can obtain up to 100% of the appraised price if you 
fulfill our credit terms and restrictions.

The tenor might be as short as 6 months and as long as 84 months. Though it differs from one bank 
to the next.

Non-payment of debts results in poorer credit ratings, which will eventually ban you from taking out 
any secured loans. If you fail on your debts, you may expect to have extremely low credit ratings, 
which will prevent you from receiving any financial aid when you most need it.

The method of repayment is a standing instruction from a bank account. For further information, 
please contact us.

Yes. You can apply for a top-up loan once you've made 12 months of payments on the loan.

Yes. You have the option of paying off your debt early. This would be subject to any relevant preclosure fees. 

We shall, indeed, be the keepers of original real estate records. All necessary documentation will be 
disclosed at the loan's maturity or when the loan has been paid in full. 

Yes, if you fail on your payday loan, a payday lending firm can sue you in court. You must be behind 
on your payments and in breach of your loan agreement for them to take you to court. Payday 
lenders may only take you to civil court, not criminal court, if you default on your payments.

A Secured Business Loan can be obtained against the following property types: 
• Freehold (Residential/Commercial) across UAE in the name of: 
• Business Entity Applicant / Authorized Signatory 
• Non-Applicant (Business Entity / Individual) 
• Commercial Property in the name of UAE National 
• Land with Constructed villa/building as per the valuation report Note: 
• UAE National should not be staying on the premises

We perform property buy-outs and take-overs. If you fulfill the terms and circumstances, your 
outstanding mortgage loan with your bank will be resolved, and the remaining balance amount will 
be deposited into your Business Account.

It is not a criminal violation to fail to return a debt. In reality, threatening a borrower with arrest or 
imprisonment is prohibited. Nonetheless, some payday lenders have been successful in filing 
criminal cases against consumers using bad-check rules, with courts mistakenly rubber-stamping the